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The Lodge of Edinburgh St Andrew No 48  
             (Scots Lodge in the Canongate 1745)


Brother John Hepburn Handyside

Thursday 8th June 2017, 10 Brethren from Lodge Zetland No 561 (E.C.) attend the Regular Meeting of the Lodge along with their Worshipful Master Bro. Dominic Thomson also in their company was Worshipful Bro David Thomson PPJGW Lodge Zetland No 561 (E.C.) the Worshipful Master's father, who after the Meeting gave the Brethren assembled a short lecture on Brother John Hepburn Handyside a Master Mason of Lodge Edinburgh St Andrew No 48 who was initiated into the Lodge in 1837  

Golden Jubilee

PM Robert D Brady DSM (initiated 8th March 1962) celebrated his 50 years membership of Lodge Edinburgh St. Andrew 48 on Thursday 8th March 2012.  

Bro. Ewan Rutherford HM No 48, our recently installed RWM Provincial Grand Master, performed the presentation ceremony in the temple, in front of a large number of well-wishing brethren, especially from 48, assembled for this historic event.  

It was great to see all holders of the rank of PGM of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Edinburgh, past and present, in attendance as well as many other distinguished brethren and an excellent turnout of members of our own lodge. There being no degree that evening we all retired upstairs early for an excellent dinner and numerous fine speeches.

The Night Of The Stewart's

Thursday 10th March 2011 was a historic evening in Lodge Edinburgh St. Andrew 48. A full temple, including the Provincial Grand Master and his immediate past PGM was there to witness the joint celebrations of the Stewart Brothers? centenary of service and Bro. Norman McLaren, DSM?s 50 year diploma.

After the conclusion of normal lodge business, the RWM, Bro. Keith Gray, asked Bro. Chris Davidson to say a few words to set the scene for what was to follow. This he duly did with the following speech which was very well received.

Right Worshipful Master, Right Worshipful Past Substitute Grand Master, Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Members of Provincial Grand Lodge, Visiting Reigning Masters, Past Masters of Lodge Edinburgh St Andrew Number 48, Visiting Past Masters, Worshipful Wardens and Brethren all.

Thank you Right Worshipful Master for allowing me to give some background to tonight?s degree. Apart from the Stewart's, all the Degree team are their close Masonic friends.

Tonight in 48 we are commemorating a Unique Event. Atholl, Gus and Sandy collectively have given 100 years service to this Lodge.

Atholl was initiated on the 13th of February 1975, the same night as their late father Bert affiliated to 48. Gus then followed into the Lodge being initiated on 22nd of September 1977 and finally the youngest of the three brothers Sandy was initiated on the 9th of October 1980.

Atholl, though first to join the lodge, due to his business commitments was the last to attain the chair; though he did fly the flag of 48 at lodges worldwide during his travels.

Gus was the first to attain the chair followed by his younger brother Sandy who was the second to the attain the highest office in the lodge, an office he has held on several occasions, the last time being the 2009/2010 season.

Maybe one, or all three brothers might again attain that office in the future.

The history of the Stewart family and Lodge 48 goes back to the 10th of January 1968 when the boys? Uncle Willie affiliated, after he had moved with his family to Edinburgh, having earlier been initiated into a lodge in Glasgow.

When Bert moved with his Family to Edinburgh from Aberfeldy in the summer of 1968 where he had been the Lodge Secretary at Lodge Breadalbane 657 for a good number of years, he then started to attend 48 as a visitor with his elder brother.

The brothers made many friends in Edinburgh attending local schools, not knowing that they would later become Masonic brothers as they grew older and joined the craft, some of whom are with us tonight; Ewan and Paul Rutherford and Andrew Hamilton having first met Sandy at Broomhouse Primary School and myself first meeting Atholl at Forrester Secondary School.

As they have all progressed through their years in freemasonry they have made new friends, many of whom are here tonight to help celebrate this occasion

As you can see the Stewart connection with 48 goes back further than the 100 years we are celebrating.

Bert who we affectionately called 10.30, giving seven years to the lodge till his untimely death in 1982; this makes our absent brethren toast in this lodge at half past ten in our harmony all the more poignant for those who new him.

Willie was a member for some 40 years. He also attained the chair of Lodge 48, and though in his later years was unable to be with us due to ill health, he was always delighted to hear the news of 48 from his nephews.

Later this evening we have the privilege of celebrating another 48 milestone when Brother Norman McLaren receives his 50 year diploma.

All this service to 48 adds to around two hundred years between Norman and the Stewart?s.

Nearly, but not quite as long as 48 has held its charter.

Again, thank you Right Worshipful Master for the opportunity to set the scene for this historic evening with these few words.

The RWM then invited PM Gus Stewart to preside over the lodge and handed him the gavel charging him to advance Bro. Ross Hunter to the Fellow Craft degree.

Bro. Gus Stewart assumed the Master?s chair and asked the office bearers of the lodge to vacate their respective offices in favour of his two blood brothers as his Worshipful Wardens, Bros. Andrew Hamilton and Chris Davidson as his Deacons, Bro. Ian Gillies as Inner Guard, Bro. Norman McLaren as Chaplain and Bro John Burgess continued as Organist.

The candidate, Bro. Ross Hunter was brought before the lodge and the necessary questions were put to him by Bro. Andy Martin. Bro. Ross answered the questions in an exemplary manner in spite of the pressure of a full temple and facing so many luminaries in the East.

Bro. Gus performed all the masters ritual including the obligation, after which Bro. Bob Brady delivered the secrets. The candidate obviously paid great attention as he sailed through the challenges of Bro. Atholl as WJW and Bro. Sandy as WSW very well. Bro. Sandy had by far the
heaviest workload of the evening, with the Tracing Board, the Apron and the final charge as well as the many other smaller parts of ritual associated with the WSW. Bro. Atholl delivered the SEC lecture and presented the tools to Bro. Ross who was very attentive throughout the whole ceremony at the conclusion of which Bro. Gus accompanied by the RWM went down to the floor of the lodge to congratulate Bro. Ross.

Gus thanked the RWM for allowing the Stewart's to work the degree on this auspicious occasion and the lodge office bearers assumed their rightful stations.

Bro. Robert Brady rose to voice the thanks of the RWM and the brn for the collective service of the Stewart's over the years. He then went on to deliver an excellent speech complimenting the very high standards which Bro. Norman McLaren had maintained in his masonic, church and personal life throughout his many years of service to the lodge.

Bro. Norman McLaren DSM was presented with his 50 year diploma by the PGM, Bro Maurice Wilson, MBE and past substitute Grand Master, Bro Allan McKay, a PM of 48.

Bro. Norman thanked all present in his usual affable and modest style.

The RWM invited the PSGM to retire, who was delighted to do so accompanied by the Provincial deputation and the Stewart Brn. There is no truth in the rumour that this was to enable Allan and the Stewart's to hit the bar before the rush!

The harmony tables had been set with a souvenir place-mat at each setting; before long Pate and oatcakes, followed by steak pie and vegetables and finally strawberry cheesecake were served.

The cost of the fare and some of the drinks were met by the Stewart's. (principally Gus).

Bro. John Reid entertained the brethren with a selection of humorous songs in the Scots dialect.

The official part of the evening closed with Auld Lang Syne and the Queen, but many brethren stayed on for a chat and a few more drinks.